Free Employment Law Alliance Webinar


The Employment Law Alliance (ELA) is offering a free 90-minute webinar on Thursday, December 4, on Privacy v. the Employer’s Right to Know: Hot Issues that Straddle the Can-Am Border.”

Program Description

Workplace privacy continues to be an important focus for employers, particularly those who operate in both Canada and the U.S. While most businesses try hard to protect their employees’ privacy and avoid getting involved in their off-duty activities, there are times when an employer is faced with the prospect of legitimately needing to look into or take into account an employee’s personal life. This webinar brings together a panel of legal experts from Canada and the U.S., who will provide practical guidance on how to successfully navigate and resolve these issues in their respective countries. They will address:

  • Medical or legal marijuana – Does it change the analysis? Can employers restrict its use or presence in the workplace?
  • The latest rules and development on drug and alcohol testing of employees – and whether medical drug use changes the equation.
  • Criminal records searches and privacy issues – Just how deeply can employers (or prospective employers) “dig” into an employee’s background and what information is permissible to access? Read more »

Expert Guide: Discrimination Law in Indonesia


SSEK’s Richard D. Emmerson has written an article on Discrimination Law in Indonesia for the Corporate LiveWire Expert Guide on Discrimination Law and Equality 2014.

As Richard notes, Indonesia does not have an overarching anti-discrimination law. Rather, a patchwork of laws and sector-specific regulations prohibit discrimination and encourage equality.

The relevant laws include:

  • the 1945 Constitution;
  • the Labor Law (Law No. 13 of 2013 on Labor);
  • Law No. 21 of 1999 and Law No. 80 of 1957;
  • Law No. 4 of 1997 on Disabled People; and
  • Law No. 40 of 2008 on the Elimination of Racial and Ethnic Discrimination.

These laws stipulate that all Indonesian shall have equal opportunity without discrimination to obtain work and shall be entitled to equal treatment from the employer without discrimination.

They also cover more specific issues that all employers must be aware of such as employment background investigations, leaves of absence, harassment, privacy and union activity. Read more »

Free Webinar on Prevention and Redressal of Workplace Sexual Harassment in India

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The Employment Law Alliance is offering a free webinar on “Prevention and Redressal of Sexual Harassment at Work – Employer Obligations in India.” The webinar will be offered on November 12th and 14th, with the same content each time.

Workplace sexual harassment is an important topic for companies doing business in India. In December 2013, the Indian legislature passed a law on the prevention of sexual harassment of women at the workplace. This law introduced various new obligations and penalties (including the potential loss of license to operate in India) for companies in the country.

It is essential for companies to understand the nuances of this law and suitably modify their HR practices to ensure compliance. Read more »

Michael Carl of SSEK Included in Indonesia Mining Report


Global Business Reports has produced a comprehensive report on Indonesia’s mining industry for the Energy & Mining Journal. The report, titled “Indonesian Mining Industry in Transition: Navigating the World’s Last Great Mining Frontier,” looks at developments in the sector and the prospects for future investment.

The report notes that Indonesia is among the world’s largest exporters of nickel, thermal coal and refined tin, but that regulatory uncertainty continues to be an issue for investors.

GBR interviewed industry experts in researching the report. Among those contacted was SSEK’s Michael S. Carl, who looked at the direction of investment in the mining sector and the role of foreign players. Read more »

Bank Indonesia Regulations on Foreign Exchange Transactions

Bank Indonesia in Yogyakarta by B10m

By Andini H. Dewi

Bank Indonesia (“BI”) recently issued several regulations related to foreign exchange transactions by Indonesian banks, which update existing regulations issued by BI. Below is a brief summary of the new regulations: Read more »

SSEK Wins 3 Trophies at ALB Indonesia Law Awards

ALB_winners (1)

SSEK Legal Consultants was honored three times at the inaugural ALB Indonesia Law Awards, underscoring the depth and quality of the firm.

SSEK was recognized as the Construction Law Firm of the Year and the Employment Law Firm of the Year. SSEK also won Real Estate Deal of the Year.

Rusmaini Lenggogeni, SSEK’s managing partner, said the awards were special because they were recognition of the work done by SSEK and the firm’s strong relationship with its clients. “I want to thank all of our clients for placing their trust in SSEK and giving us the opportunity to do award-winning work.” Read more »

Foreign Investment in Indonesian Real Estate


By Dyah Soewito and Denny Rahmansyah

Indonesia’s Agrarian Law provides that foreigners can only acquire right to use (hak pakai) title for land if they reside in Indonesia. If foreign investors wish to engage in business in Indonesia, they must establish a foreign capital investment (PMA) company.

A PMA company is able to acquire a right to build (HGB) or a hak pakai title. The HGB or hak pakai title may also be placed over the seller’s pre-existing right of ownership (hak milik) or right to manage (hak pengelolaan) titles. Under the applicable regulation, individual foreigners are allowed to own residential property under the hak pakai title. Specifically, foreigners who provide benefits to national development, reside permanently or temporarily in Indonesia, and have proper immigration documents can purchase the following: Read more »

SSEK Named a Top Indonesian M&A Firm


SSEK Legal Consultants has again been recognized as one of Indonesia’s leading mergers and acquisitions firms by Asian Legal Business (ALB).

ALB noted that Southeast Asia had seen an increase in M&A activity over the last several years, including a “visible surge in the first half of 2014″. It said M&A activity in the region was likely to continue its growth, driven by the “encouraging growth rates, attractive manufacturing costs and burgeoning middle class of several jurisdictions”.

ALB flagged the upcoming integration of the 10 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations into the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), which is expected to happen by the end of 2015. It said the AEC would create a “trading bloc of more than 600 million people with a GDP exceeding $5.6 trillion, which would make it the seventh-largest economy in the world”.

The ALB rankings of top M&A firms were based on the volume, complexity and size of work, a firm’s visibility and profile in the marketplace, presence across Asia and in individual jurisdictions, and key clients and new client wins. Read more »

SSEK Founding Partners Shortlisted for Asia Women in Business Law Awards


SSEK founding partners Dyah Soewito and Ira A. Eddymurthy are finalists for the Euromoney Legal Media Group Asia Women in Business Law Awards.

Ms. Soewito is a finalist in the category Best in Shipping and Ms. Eddymurthy is a finalist for Best in M&A and Private Equity.

The Asia Women in Business Law Awards recognize Asia’s leading women in the legal profession. Winners will be announced  November 13 during a ceremony in Hong Kong.

Legal Alert August 2014

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Please find attached the latest Legal Alert for August 2014.

SSEK’s Legal Alert is a monthly survey designed to keep you up to date with the latest legal developments in Indonesia.

Click here: Legal Alert August 2014