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Review of the Indonesian Mining Industry

Written by: Florence G. Santoso and Mohammad Irham The Constitutional Court (the “Court”) issued decisions in two cases on June 4, 2012, that could help change the playing field in the mining industry, giving smaller companies the chance to compete with big miners. In separate rulings in cases brought by tin miners from Bangka-Belitung Province, [...]

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Legal Alert August 2012

Please find attached the latest Legal Alert for August 2012. SSEK’s Legal Alert is a monthly survey designed to keep you up to date with the latest legal developments in Indonesia. Click here: Legal Alert August 2012

Indonesia Import Regulation Update: MOT Reg No. 59

Written by: Ira A. Eddymurthy and Stephen I. Warokka The Minister of Trade (“MOT”) issued a new regulation on September 21, 2012, amending some of the provisions on the Importer Identification Number (“API”). The new regulation, MOT Regulation No. 59/M-DAG/PER/9/2012 (“MOT Reg 59″), amends MOT Regulation No. 27/M-DAG/PER/5/2012 Regarding Provisions on Importer Identification Number (“MOT [...]