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Real Estate & Property

Recent Legal Developments in the Indonesian Real Estate Sector

By Dyah Soewito and Denny Rahmansyah When discussing Indonesia’s real estate sector, two recent legal developments are particularly interesting. First, Indonesian President Joko Widodo recently issued Presidential Instruction No. 3 of 2016 regarding Simplification of Licensing in Housing Construction (“Presidential Instruction 3/2016″). This presidential instruction calls for ministers and heads of regional governments to simplify [...]


Legal Review: Public-Private Partnerships in Indonesia

The concept of Public-Private Partnerships (“PPP”) embodies one or more private parties comprising a consortium, commonly consisting of construction companies, operating companies and financiers that together undertake to finance and develop a project or asset for use by the government on behalf of the public and to be paid for over time. The types of [...]


Darrell Johnson of SSEK Moderates AmCham Seminar on New Indonesian Tax Amnesty Program

Darrell R. Johnson, the senior foreign legal advisor at SSEK Legal Consultants, moderated a seminar organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia on Indonesia’s new Tax Amnesty Law. The seminar, “Tax Amnesty: How it Affects You and Your Company,” was held on Wednesday, August 24, and featured speakers from Ernst & Young and [...]


SSEK Partner, Adviser Recognized as Leading Energy Lawyers for Indonesia

Ira A. Eddymurthy and Michael D. Twomey of SSEK Indonesian Legal Consultants have been recognized as leading energy lawyers in the 2016 edition of Who’s Who Legal: Energy. Ira, a founding partner of SSEK, has extensive experience working with multinationals and large domestic companies on some of the biggest, most complex projects in Indonesia. Clients [...]


Real Estate Disputes in Indonesia

By Dyah Soewito and Denny Rahmansyah “Real estate” is a very broad subject that touches many aspects of Indonesian law, e.g., administrative law, environmental law, construction law, civil law, agrarian/land law, etc. There is no arbitration facility or process specifically designed to accommodate real estate matters under Indonesian law. Disputes related to real estate are [...]


SSEK Advises Shinhan Investment Corp. on Acquisition of Indonesian Securities Company

SSEK Legal Consultants has acted as Indonesian counsel to Shinhan Investment Corporation, one of South Korea’s leading securities brokerage and investment banking houses, in its acquisition of Indonesian securities company PT Makinta Securities. Fahrul S. Yusuf, a partner at SSEK, and Jonathan M. Streifer, a foreign legal advisor at the firm, led the SSEK team [...]

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Downsizing in Indonesia

By Richard D. Emmerson and Indrawan D. Yuriutomo There has been considerable confusion about whether the law and courts allow employers in Indonesia to downsize a part of their workforce for efficiency reasons. We are writing to clarify the matter. Termination under Article 164(3) of the Employment Law Article 164(3) of Law No. 13 of [...]


Indonesian Legal Review: Franchise Law

With approximately 260 million people, Indonesia is the largest consumer market in Southeast Asia and the ASEAN region and is attractive to international and local franchise businesses. When the Government of Indonesia (the “GOI”) introduced a number of economic policy packages in a de-regulation effort to stimulate the economy, none of the policy packages focused [...]

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Update on Indonesian Employment Law

Richard D. Emmerson, a senior foreign legal advisor at SSEK Legal Consultants, has contributed the Indonesia chapter to the new Asia Employment Law, a quarterly review of employment law developments across 15 jurisdictions in Asia. The review is designed to help legal and human resources advisors stay up to date on employment-related legal developments around [...]


What You Need to Know about the Indonesian Tax Amnesty Law

By Andini H. Dewi The Indonesian Government recently issued the long-awaited and anticipated Tax Amnesty Law (Law No. 11 of 2016). Discussion of a possible tax amnesty began in 1998, as part of a larger projected overhaul of the tax system in Indonesia. However, the discussions faltered and the Government, instead of a tax amnesty, [...]