SSEK Indonesian Legal Consultants at 25: A Look at Its History and Influence

SSEK 25th Anniversary Logo

SSEK Legal Consultants, one of Indonesia’s leading corporate law firms, celebrated its 25th anniversary on August 19th. SSEK has organized a number of events during the year to mark the anniversary and show its appreciation for everyone who helped make the achievement possible.

Now Hukumonline, a leading source of information on Indonesian law and the Indonesian legal system, has published a longĀ article on SSEK and the lasting legacy it has created since the firm’s founding in 1992 by Dyah Soewito, Ira A. Eddymurthy and two other colleagues.

The article looks at how SSEK expanded from 10 total employees to become one of the largest law firms in the country, with about 135 employees, included more than 60 lawyers, working with multinationals and large domestic companies across the Indonesian economy.

In looking at SSEK’s legacy in Indonesia, the article highlights some of the SSEK alumni who went on to start their own firms.

After 25 years, as Dyah Soewito explains in the article, SSEK’s key to success remains the same: delivering meticulous, reliable work to clients in a timely manner, to help them achieve their business and investment goals in Indonesia.

You can read the full Hukumonline article here.

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