SSEK Lawyers Quoted in Bloomberg Article on Data Privacy in Indonesia


Fahrul S. Yusuf, a partner at SSEK, and Saprita Tahir, an associate of the firm, were quoted extensively in a Bloomberg BNA article on data privacy in Indonesia in the wake of the Facebook data privacy scandal, which may have affected more than one million Indonesians.

Fahrul noted that one factor driving anxiety in Indonesia over data privacy is the increasing number of data breaches in the country, especially the illegal trading of personal data among corporations.

Saprita noted that the latest data privacy bill being discussed at the House of Representatives would require organizations to clarify what data they were collecting and how long it would be held.

“The draft law also contains a specific stipulation on the protection of sensitive personal data, which is something that none of the existing regulations that touch on data privacy contain,” Saprita told Bloomberg Law.

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