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Oil & Gas Regulation 2017

Restrictions on Contractors in the Indonesian Oil and Gas Sector

By Fitriana Mahiddin and Syahdan Z. Aziz There are a number of rules for Production Sharing Contract (“PSC”) Contractors in Indonesia’s oil and gas sector, including those on the export of production, currency exchange and the transfer or disposal of development rights. Subject to obtaining requisite export approvals, a Contractor is entitled to export its [...]

Oil & Gas Regulation 2017

Indonesian Oil and Gas Sector: Role of the State

By Fitriana Mahiddin and Syahdan Z. Aziz Extracted oil and gas in Indonesia remains owned by the State until it passes the point of export or other delivery point. Thereafter, the Government is entitled to a certain percentage of the production output as apportioned under the Production Sharing Contract (“PSC”), as is the Contractor. Under [...]

Oil & Gas Regulation 2017

Development of Oil and Natural Gas in Indonesia

By Fitriana Mahiddin and Syahdan Z. Aziz Indonesia’s oil and gas sector is governed by Law No. 22 of 2001 regarding Oil and Gas (the “Oil and Gas Law”). The state retains mineral rights throughout Indonesian territory and the Government holds the mining authority. The oil and gas sector comprises upstream and downstream activities, which [...]

Oil & Gas Regulation 2017

Overview of the Indonesian Natural Gas Sector

By Fitriana Mahiddin and Syahdan Z. Aziz Indonesia has approximately 150-153 trillion standard cubic feet (“TSCF”) of natural gas reserves. The BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2016 recorded 100.3 TSCF of proven reserves in Indonesia as of the end of 2015, with gas production reaching 75 billion m3, which is a slight decrease from [...]


Indonesia Regulates Gross Split Production Sharing Contracts for Conventional and Non-Conventional Oil and Gas

By Fransiscus Rodyanto The Indonesian Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (“MEMR”) on January 13, 2017 issued Regulation No. 08 of 2017 regarding Gross Split Production Sharing Contracts (“MEMR Reg. 8/2017″), ¬†which came into force on January 16, 2017. The main features of MEMR Reg. 8/2017 are as follows: Gross Split PSC MEMR Reg. 8/2017 [...]


SSEK Legal Advisor Features in Oil and Gas Year

Michael D. Twomey, a senior foreign legal advisor at SSEK Legal Consultants, was interviewed for The Oil & Gas Year magazine. Michael discusses developments in the oil and gas industry in Indonesia and recent regulations to encourage the development of power projects in Indonesia. Michael has been actively involved in major transactions in the oil [...]


Indonesian Legal Review

SSEK Legal Consultants has released its Indonesian Legal Review to offer an overview of recent developments in the Indonesian legal sector. The Indonesian Legal Review looks at recent developments in almost 50 sectors, providing insight into Indonesian legal and regulatory developments in these sectors, from Airports to Tourism. To read the Indonesian Legal Review, you [...]


MEMR Introduces Regulation on Non-Conventional Oil and Gas Operations in Indonesia

By Wynne Prasetyo The Indonesian Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (“MEMR”) recently enacted Regulation No. 38 of 2015 regarding Expediting Non-Conventional Oil and Gas Operations (“MEMR Reg. 38/2015″). MEMR Reg. 38/2015 came into effect on November 2, 2015. The main points of MEMR Reg. 38/2015 are: Non-Conventional Oil and Gas Cooperation Contracts Under MEMR [...]

IFLR Energy & Infrastructure (2015) Recommended Firm Rosette

SSEK Legal Consultants a Recommended Energy and Infrastructure Firm

SSEK Indonesian Legal Consultants has been ranked as a leading energy and infrastructure firm by IFLR 1000, a leading independent legal guide to the top law firms and lawyers. SSEK was praised for its “sophisticated practice when it comes to projects, infrastructure and energy work,” with a bench of quality lawyers at its disposal. Senior [...]


SSEK Partner Speaks at Petromindo Oil and Gas Seminar

Ira A. Eddymurthy, a founding partner at SSEK Indonesian Legal Consultants, was a featured speaker at an oil and gas seminar organized by The seminar, “Minister of Trade Regulation on the Export of Oil and Gas and the Use of Letter of Credit: Opportunities and Challenges for Business Actors,” was held on Tuesday, March [...]